Custom Theme Development

A WordPress theme is a file that works to create a WP site’s customized functionality and design. When the theme is changed, the site’s branding can be changed without altering its content or structure. At WP ArchiTeks, our development process involves the use of CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and HTML, which helps us provide dynamic sites to our clients. Our design team has mastered these tools, and we use that mastery to design custom themes that help clients turn their visions into reality.

The Importance of Proper Theme Creation

WordPress has become a popular site-building tool within the past few years, and the trend shows no signs of stopping. While WordPress makes it easier to create an interactive website, choosing a theme or a developer can be problematic for some. As one of the industry’s leading theme development companies, we know what makes a great WP theme. We’ll focus on underlying factors that affect sites’ load times, browser support, and mobile responsiveness. With input from our clients, we will design custom themes for a range of applications.

Our Theme Design Services Can Lead Clients to Success

As a web user, it’s easy to focus on a site’s appearance on a chosen browser or device. However, it’s important for site owners to consider that not everyone uses the same type of device or the same web browser. In today’s digital world, people spend more time on their mobile devices than they do on desktop PCs. With this fact in mind, it’s important for clients to have WP themes that are responsive across a range of mediums. At WP ArchiTeks, we test our custom themes on a variety of devices and browsers to ensure full compatibility and responsiveness.

Get Faster Page Load Times with Custom WordPress Themes

Every business owner wants a site that loads quickly. Customers tend to leave sites that are slow to load or unresponsive. A well-designed custom WordPress theme won’t have a problem with load times, as some free and non-custom themes do. If a site owner does a speed test and notices numerous links to outside scripts, the site’s WP theme may not be working as well as it should. Call WP ArchiTeks today to find out how our custom theme development services can help speed up any site.

Specification Built Themes

While browser support, device support, and fast page loads make a great WordPress theme, customization is equally important. The best WordPress themes are customized in terms of background colors, fonts, sidebars, and layouts. The team at WP ArchiTeks is dedicated to offering every client the WP theme development, theme customization, and additional support services they need.

The Difference Between Theme Customization and a Custom Theme

While the terms may sound similar, and are sometimes used interchangeably, there’s a major difference between customizing an existing theme and creating a custom theme: the involvement of a graphic designer. These team members are trained in the art of design, and they know that fonts, colors, and other design elements are more than snippets of code.

The developers at WP ArchiTeks see typography and color schemes as part of the client’s brand identity, and they keep branding in mind during the design phase. Rather than starting with an off-the-rack theme, the designer will work with the client to learn about the company, its products and services, its target market, and its marketing goals. Then, the designer will create a 100% unique theme design that meets the client’s requirements and preferences.

Themes Designed in Accordance with W3C Standards

WP ArchiTeks understands how important it is to build a website or WP theme to the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium. To meet the demand, we’ve been offering W3C-compliant theme design services for quite some time.

Instant, Always-On Support

At WP ArchiTeks, our job isn’t done once the client’s theme is developed. Rather, it’s just beginning! We believe in service after the sale, and we’re proud to offer instant support services that help clients keep their sites up, running, and productive.

Full SEO Services

While we think our custom WordPress themes are great, they’re useless if the search engines can’t find them. WP ArchiTeks’ team of SEO-focused web developers will work to ensure proper indexing of clients’ custom themes to increase site optimization and traffic.

When clients partner with the team at WP ArchiTeks, they get access to a comprehensive suite of WP theme development solutions and other services. We not only focus on quality, we guarantee it. Call today to request a quote or to learn how custom WordPress themes can change a company’s web experience.