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While WordPress is one of the Internet’s top CMS (content management systems), it can sometimes fail in confusing and bewildering ways. We can handle everyday issues, and so much more. Below, customers can learn about the services offered, and if they don’t see what they need, they can call to ask about custom solutions.

Daily WordPress Updates

Part of a WP site’s security and functionality lies in the updates it receives. However, performing manual updates can be a time-consuming process. Our WordPress support team will check for updates each day and handle them so clients don’t have to.

Regular Backups to the Cloud

When WordPress sites are hacked, data losses can be devastating if there’s no backup plan in place. We provide that plan, in the form of daily backups of clients’ sites to a secure location in the cloud.

Automatic Site Restoration, Migration, and Cloning

We offer easy, effortless service to customers who want to clone their sites to staging areas, migrate them to a new web host, or restore a site from a backup.

Continual Uptime Monitoring

While there’s no such thing as 100% uptime, we try to get as close as we can. We’ll monitor clients’ websites and send instant notifications when they go down.

Protection from Brute Force Attempts, Malicious Scripts, and More

Our WordPress security services are some of the best in the industry. We implement and configure security plugins to protect sites from bots, scripts, and malware. With our help, clients can prevent brute force attacks and other intrusion attempts.

Elimination of Contact Form and Comment Section Spam

Contact forms and comment sections can be very useful, especially for e-commerce site and blog owners, but they can be used for malicious purposes as well. With our intelligent spam filtering service, automated form submissions and comments are blocked.

High-Level WordPress Support

Our team takes pride in offering the best WordPress support and maintenance services, and we go the extra mile to earn clients’ business. Whether a client needs one-time or ongoing WordPress support, our packages ensure that their sites are kept secure, updated, and running efficiently. Call today to find out more about the various service options.

Always-On Security Monitoring

As most site owners already know, hackers are everywhere, and they’re a troublesome bunch. With our service, site owners can patch security holes and gain access to some of the web’s top malware monitoring and removal tools. Enjoy greater peace of mind with 24/7 site security monitoring.

Performance Optimization

Today’s web users are impatient, and they expect sites to load nearly instantly. A slow site not only frustrates visitors; it can face Google penalties as well. Call today to find out how our site optimization services can get any site running faster and better.

Cleanup of Hacked WordPress Sites

WordPress is the best CMS in the world, but its popularity means that it’s a prime target for hackers. When clients’ WordPress sites are hacked, we’re here to help, and in most cases we can clean, repair, and update a site within 24 hours.

WordPress is a great tool for bloggers and retailers, but like other tools, it needs occasional maintenance to perform at its full potential. Call or click today to receive a no-obligation quote.

Emergency Support Services 24/7

Providing 24/7 emergency support services for WordPress website technical issues, virus attacks, performance issues, optimizations, porting, and re-builds. Learn more.

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