Plugin Development

Although WordPress has thousands of available plugins, some are better than others. By the time users consider variances for server, scripting language, and server upgrades, it’s easy to see why today’s online business owners need custom WordPress plugin development.

The team at WP ArchiTeks develops functional, mobile-responsive, and unique plugins and websites that allow retailers to reach their target markets. With a team of 45+ plugin devs and more than seven years of experience, we’re one of today’s leading WordPress plugin development services. Clients often hire us for:

  • Plugin integration and customization
  • Plugin installation and full development
  • Plugin modifications, enhancements, and upgrades

Our dedicated team of innovative, experienced WordPress plugin developers is ready to meet clients’ needs. Read on to learn how we can help sellers obtain and use WordPress plugins easily and efficiently.

Do All Online Companies Need Custom WordPress Plugins?

The short answer is an emphatic yes. If a business owner wants to give customers a memorable website experience, or if they come up with a marketable WP plugin concept, we can help. We’ve built a range of plugins here at WP ArchiTeks, and not all of them were for customers’ use on their own sites. Whether a seller wants to beef up their own site or create a plugin for resale, our team of developers is there to do the job.

The Benefits of Custom Plugin Development with WP ArchiTeks

Below are just a few of the benefits our clients derive from our custom WordPress plugin development services.

  • Full analysis of site visitors’ needs and integration of that data with the site owner’s goals
  • Plugins that are guaranteed to work as promised on a range of devices, operating systems, and web browsers
  • Guaranteed solid design and full functionality

When a business owner designs a new site or adds features to an existing one, there’s not always a ready-made solution. WordPress is basic at its core, and to differentiate themselves from the competition, online sellers should have customized technology.

The Process

We believe our plugin development services are the right fit for almost any project. Our dev team is very detail-oriented, and we’ll carefully evaluate clients’ requirements before recommending a customized solution. Projects typically follow the outline listed below.

  • Research and planning: Here, the team and the client discuss the plugin’s goals and ideal features. This info is included in the project’s spec sheet, which serves as the developers’ blueprint
  • Design: Next, our team will create a layout for the plugin’s design, and we’ll send it to the client for approval before moving on to the next phase.
  • Development: Now, the real work begins. During this phase, clients have the chance to approve milestones as their plugins are created.
  • Testing and quality assurance: Before delivery, every plugin is tested, problems are fixed, and last-minute revisions are made if they’re needed.
  • Delivery of the finished plugin: The project isn’t complete until the client gives their final approval. At WP ArchiTeks, plugin delivery includes installation on the client’s website.

This is just a basic outline of our process, and we can modify our approach to suit a customer’s requirements. Contact us to learn more about our plugin development process or to request a quote.

Support, Even After the Sale

Clients who have previously installed WordPress plugins know how stressful it can be to see flashing text or banners on their admin dashboards. With WP ArchiTeks, there’s no need to worry, because our team handles all upgrades to its custom WordPress plugins, regardless of the theme the client chooses. Our custom plugins are designed with upgrades in mind, and we guarantee that they’ll never leave the client’s site or sensitive info open to identity thieves and hackers. We’re proud to provide instant, 24/7 tech support via email or chat. If a business owner wants a professionally designed, functional website, they should look no further than the development team here at WP ArchiTeks.

Call Us for Custom WordPress Plugins

The experts at WP ArchiTeks are ready to help clients add a range of useful, powerful features to their e-commerce websites. If a client can conceive it, our team can put it together, and we’re proud to give our clients the nearly infinite ability to expand their sites’ functionality. Our plugin development services are more reliable, capable, and affordable than those of our competitors, and we invite potential clients to get in touch with us. Call us at 972-737-7743 today to get a no-obligation quote or to find out why we’re different from the rest.